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About us

Klean-X is Santo Domingo’s Premier Cleaning Company, providing professional cleaning services to ensure a flawless and sparkling home or business. Whether your needs are residential, commercial, or industrial, Klean-X offers customized cleaning solutions tailored specifically to a client’s wants and needs.You should never feel unclean, so call or email Klean-X today.


Customized Cleaning Services include:


  • Anti-Bacterial Floor and Surfaces Wash
  • Furniture Cleaning and Polish
  • Marble and Ceramic Polishing and Repair
  • Window Cleaning (including high-rise)
  • Wash and Polish of Industrial Machinery
  • Ceramic Fixture and Septic Tank installations
  • Anti-Allergins and Anti-Toxin Flush
  • Painting and Maintenance Touch-ups
  • Import and Installation of Custom Home and Office Finishings, including Windows, Doors, and Gates (electric and manual)
  • Hot Tub Installation and Maintenance

What We Offer

Benefits For Users

Confide us your small and big worries to improve the quality of your environment. Klean X wants to become your privileged partner to get you started in a healthier and more serene environment. We are your service for:
Cleaning, Interviews, Prevention of all kinds, Emergency Services

Every three months we train and train all our employees.

Our commitment quality: If the work is not done according to our criteria of excellence, it will be redone for free, until the satisfaction


– Packing your effects
– Possibility of delivery to a sea freight company
– Expedition to the world


– Industrial / Commercial and Domestic Cleaning Service
– Pressure wash of facades
– Washing of vehicle fleets
– Draining and cleaning the tank
– Cleaning of channels
– Blower cleaning for large courtyards or gardens
– Commercial kitchen cleaning (cooking utensils, degreasing, hoods)
– Polishing of marbles
– Placement and team management for daily and professional cleaning in your offices
– Staff rental for special evenings


– Professional training of cleaning staff
– Technical training of cleaning staff
– Training on the company culture
– Continuing Education
– Training in Human Resources


Periodic maintenance of equipment:
– UPS and inverters
– Air conditioners / refrigeration systems


– Deratization
– Placement of pesticide stations
– Control of Termites
– Aspersions and Fumigations (Flies, Mosquitoes, Bugs, Bees, Goats)
– Control Cockroaches, Ants, Bees, Ticks and Fleas
– Control of all other pests
– Miscellaneous services – Various controls


– Application of Paintings
– Restautation of Parquets
– Shampoo of sofas and armchairs
– Restoration of armchairs / sofas
– Installation of ceramics


– Tree cutting and pruning
– Garden maintenance
– Implantation of turf


– Garbage collection
– Rental and placement of bins


– Portable Toilet Rental
– Toilet emptying
– Ecological Drainage
– Cleaning of Septic Tanks


– Delivery of Products
– Stock management


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Address: C / Ciudad de Jinotepe (Antigua C / 11)

House # 15, Sector Honduras

Santo-Domingo D.N, Dominican Republic

Telephone: + 1 (809) 960-8544 / (809) 960-8545

Email: info@klean-xrd.com

Klean-X: Keeping Dominican Republic Clean